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Version 2.0 has been released!!!


Dr300zx has been designed to help diagnose and/or fix problems with the 90+ 300ZX Z32 motor vehicle. Features include health report of most z32 sensors, ecu fault diagnostics in plain english, rom download for ecu tuning. It is also hoped that it may one day support more than the win32 platform.

Dr300zx has been designed to help diagnose and/or fix problems with the 90+ 300ZX Z32 motor vehicle.


Dr300ZX offers the following features:

  1. Full user help system available
  2. An emulation mode is available so that the application can be run without interfacing to the ECU. This allows you to become familiar with the application.
  3. Active tests are now supported. This allows you to activate certain sensors/solenoids around the car to help diagnostics.
  4. You can now do performance measurements of your vehicle.
  5. Compares outputs from the most important sensors used by your ECU to run your engine (real time) with a set of expected outputs (Twin-Turbo only at the moment) for each sensor. This then allows a report to be generated showing which sensors passed and which ones failed. This is especially useful if the engine of your Z32 has ever been removed or any other major mechanical work has been performed or you just want piece of mind.
  6. ECU fault diagnostics with plain english reasons for any failures found. Each fault found is accompanied with an explanation of what can cause the fault and how you may approach trying to fix it.
  7. ROM download functionality. If you ever wish to access things like your timing maps, fuel maps, rev limiter, speed limter ect ect then you may download the ROM code from the ECU to use in a ROM editor. This program does not allow for the modification of the ROM code, there are plenty of other tools available to achieve that.
  8. Interfaces through the serial port on your PC to the electronic control unit (ECU) in the vehicle. This connection is through a Diagnostic Data Link (DDL) provided in the vehicle. The cable required to make the interface is available on the net try PLMS Developments or Blatz or you can even build your own, look at the PLMS web site for these instructions.

technically speaking

Dr300ZX offers the following technical features to help entice developers:

  1. written in C++
  2. uses QT 4 for the gui
  3. uses xml files to manage response data to the user, apart from being x-platform this allows most people with a basic knowledge of a text editor the ability to improve the application
  4. written in such a manner as to be portable to linux and mac os
  5. uses boost build v2 to manage building of the system
  6. uses mingw on win32 (g++)
  7. comprehensive test suite using cppunit
  8. help files written using help n doc (x-platform)
  9. windows installer built using the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
  10. developer documentation

Supported Architectures

The application has been designed so that it may be ported to all QT4 (gui library) platforms. Current QT4 platforms include Win32, Linux and Mac Os 10. Dr300ZX currently supports the following platforms:

Want To Help?

I you are interested in helping develop the project please contact the author. You don't necessarily have to be a programmer to help, any of the following would be helpful:

More Information

If you wish to download the application click here, there are many other features available as well, some but not all include:

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